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MORE NAMES of people are seeking help with their research. We have given their address after the entry (see NB at the bottom) so that you can e-mail them directly.


  1. NAPA,CALIFORNIA, USA is the home of JERRY HALE who writes: "I am looking for information on RICHARD HALE, who died in Virginia,USA in 1697.His bible had the Hale coate of Arms for Richard Hale of Kings Walden, Hertfordshire England, drawn in the front of it.I am decended from his grandson Francis Hail born 1707, died 1780 in Bedford ,VA. USA. I have been told that Richard was the son of George Hale, born 1601 at King Walden in Hertfordshire, England. Thank you for reading this, Jerry Hale ." [Hwjbuffalo$]

  2. WOLVERHAMPTON,ENGLAND is the home of PETER COLLINS who writes: " I am researching my wife's family from The Forest of Dean. Her family name is Griffiths and during my research I have found a marriage between MAY GRIFFITHS (b1899) and JACK HALE. All I know about them is that they had a son named KENNETH HALE. Can anyone provide me with any further information about any of the names mentioned? Many Thanks. Peter."[p.collins.titanic$]

  3. Somewhere in the USA D P GREEN has been working on his DOLE genealogy. He says " They were from Rangeworthy and Bristol. There is a JOAN HALE who married William Dole in Rangeworthy 9 May 1622. I have no other info on her. In the history of Rangeworthy, which I found at the Gloucester Library, it mentions that the Hale family owned the Rangeworthy manor and the Dole house. In your research you haven't found the connection, have you? [dgreen$]

  4. In PENRYN, CORNWALL DICK MONK is looking for a JOHN HALE parentage. Born about 1839 married Harriet BrittonIn Hanham, Glos. 18.2.1861. Children Blanche, Albert, Llewellin, Rose & Florence. Florence or Rose may have gone to America approx 1880. [dick$]

  5. GARY WARBOYS in KENT has a certificate he obtained from the FRC which he'd like to pass on. The details are as follows: MINNIE HALE dob 19 Jul 1893 at 31 St Michael St, Newport. Father = SAMUEL HALE Occupation = Coal trimmer. Mother = Mary Elizabeth (nee Thomas)[garywarboys$]

  6. The next one is a bit of a puzzle. JIM DAVIES in SAVONA, B.C. CANADA Asks "Does anyone know where the HALE CASTLE is? Everyone on the Davies side of the family have HALE as a middle name and as a young teen saw a picture of the castle with a small cemetery out front (or back). I was told that the tallest man in England was buried there and that he is a direct relation in our family tree. They had to build a special coffin for him to be buried in. PLEASE, if you know anything about this, could you e-mail me. Many thanks, Jim. [terraceheights$]
    NOTE: We've never heard of a HALE castle so if anyone can help with information we'd like to know too!

  7. BRIAN who lives in SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI, USA says:" I am looking for the family of GEORGE HALE, who boarded the ship Supply and landed in Virginia in about 1630. He was about 18 yrs old when he boarded at Bristol, UK. Thanks for your help. Brian" [bfutrell9_$]

  8. JULIETTE HALE in EASTBOURNE, ENGLAND is searching for a WILLIAM HALE. "My 3x greatgrandfather was WILLIAM HALE, born in Suffolk in 1806- his son WILLIAM SAMUEL HALE was an innkeeper in Victorian London. I would love to hear from descendents/any family information." [NOTE: Please send us your email address]

  9. PAT BALL in HENNIKER,NH,USA, says: " I am looking for my ggrdfather,JAMES HALE. Born 10-30-1828 in Gloucestershire,England. Married Lucy Ann THORN, b. 11-25-1831 in Gloucestershire. They were married 8-7-1853. I know of one daughter, FANNY HALE,b. 4-1-1866, Coleford, England. She was in DesMoines,IA, USA by 1888 as she was married this year to Albert C.HEATH. Does anyone know this family? I have know idea if Fanny came to USA alone or with her parents. Thank you." [p_ball$]

  10. STEPHEN HALE who lives in Loughton, Essex, asks " Although I live in Loughton, Essex I'm originally from Rotherham in Yorkshire. Do any Hales have links with Yorkshire? There is a family story that the family moved from the Kent area over 150 years ago." [steveh$]

  11. Updated In ADELAIDE, South Australia LEON HALE, writes " Hullo, just wish to update my previous request for help. I now would appreciate any further information concerning siblings of ; GEORGE and WILLIAM HALE, sons of William Hale and Hannah Barr, from Hertfordshire. " William Hale b: Abt. 1750 d: 05 June 1818 in St Albans, Hertford, England ................................ +Whowas Hiswife b: Abt. 1755 m: Abt. 1777 .................................. 6 Thomas HALE b: 12 September 1787 ........................................ +Dont Know YET m: Abt. 1810 ......................................... 7 William HALE b: Abt. 1822 d: 1892 ............................................... +Hannah BARR m: 1844 ............................................... 8 George HALE b: 1853 ................................................ 8 William Hale b: 1856 in London Colney, Hertford, England d: 1930 in Bute, South Australia [haleon$]

  12. NEIL MEEK, lives in ASHFORD, Middx, UK and is making enquiries on behalf of a friend : "A fellow member of my family history group, JOHN HALE, is seeking information about a WILLIAM HENRY HALE, a relative who died at the end of WWI and was born in PONTYPRIDD. Anyone help him? " [neilmeek$ukgatewaynet]

  13. In CHATHAM,KENT ELIZABETH HALE is interested in tracing the HALE family tree in Woolwich/south east London/Kent area. If anyone has already started this she would be very interested to speak with them. [haleliz$]

  14. KATE COLES in GLOUCESTERSHIRE is looking for info. on ELIZABETH BESSIE HALE of Painswick, Gloucestershire b. late 1860's early 1870's married George William Clack. " Elizabeth was an only child, but I have no details of her parents."


  15. CONNIE NICOLL in ELORA, ONATARIA, Canada asks: "Do you have a JOSEPH HALE of Cinderford on your tree? Born 1856, married Helen Harris, daughter of Timothy Harris. Children were Ada, Sidney, Jack, Bertee and Emily. I need some dates to pad out my tree. Many thanks' Connie." [kenic$]

  16. MURIEL ARIAN in Quedgley, GLOUCESTER writes: " I am looking for the father of WILLIAM EDWARD HALES who was born in 1869 his birth was register in Westbury on Severn. His mother was SARAH HALE nee Teague. " [VArian6705$]

  17. In PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA ALFRED HALE is seeking Hale relatives of 1900 era ex Everton district. His fathers name was also Alfred. [aldohale$ ]

  18. In BRADFORD, W YORKSHIRE CHRISTINE CORNWALL (nee HALE) says " Help! I'm trying to find information on JOSEPH HALE from Chorley, Lancs. and Rose May Roper Need info on date of marrage and deaths. Had 3 sons JAMES (my father) WILLIAM HENRY and RONNIE all now deceased. Any info no matter how small, as I'm desperate to find any relatives and family history."[digger$] Now for two old favourites:

  19. JENNY TYSON in SPOKANE, USA writes: " I am related to NICHOLAS HAILE I I think, out of Rangeworthy. He was born in 1628 and immigrated to the USA to Virginia. Any information on him and his ancestry would be wonderful!"
    [ jennyty$]

  20. Over in SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI, USA BRIAN FUTRELL writes: " GEORGE HALE, born about 1612, boarded the ship,"Supply" in 1630 and landed in Virginia, USA. Does anyone know who his parents are? Do you know anything at all about him? Thanks." [bfutrell9_$]

  21. TIM HALE in LEICESTER, England writes:" Further to my recent entry in the help pages I wish to notify fellow researchers that my e-mail address has changed to thlair666$[thlair666$]

  22. AUSTRALIA is the home country of K. MOON who writes: " I am researching my gr gr gr grandmother JANE HALE..who was married to Robert FINDLEY, they had a son, Robert, in about 1846 in Forfarshire, Dundee, Scotland. The only other bit of information I have on them is that Jane's husband was a sailor. " [nanofaydan$]

  23. NOEL MERRIMAN in NEW ZEALAND writes:" Can you please help, my Great Great Grandfather, Henry Merriman, married a MARY HALE in Littleston, Gloucestershire, 1850, they had 3 children, Ann, John, & Charlotte. [tazzie$]

  24. In BATH DIANE HALE says:" I am looking for previous family of MOSES HALE (b1849), died Abertillery (1914) to a MARTHA DAVIES. He moved from Cinderford/East Dean area in 1899 (possibly had a previous family in this area). I have so far (hopefully) Father JOHN HALE (b1817/1818) Mother ELIZA HALE (b1818/1819), brothers JOHN (b1845), THOMAS (b1851),Sisters ELIZABETH (b1839)and MARY (b1841).Does anyone have any of these names in their family tree please? Any information would be much appreciated. Many thanks." [dianehale53$,]


  25. In ST LOUIS, USA Joyce says:" I am looking for my Grandfather, his name was HARRY HARVEY HALE, He was a child in England, he was born Sept 22, 1868, he immigrated to the USA in 1888, and was naturalized in 1896, he married my grandmother NELLIE POWELL in 1903, they lived in KANSAS,(USA) his parents were ISIAH HALE & ANN DAVIS. Isiah was from England Ann was from Wales. That is all I have on them, I can not seem to get anywhere. I do not have birth or death dates. Could someone help me. I would appreciate hearing from anyone. Joyce." Harry Hale had two brothers JOHN HALE and JOE HALE, at the time of Harry's death, JOHN was living in Clinton, IL (USA) & JOE Hale of Pueblo, CO (USA) [twosteppers$]

  26. In St Neots Cambs England MALCOLM HAYNES has been researching Hale in Essex / Colchester, Great Tey, Bulmer, Chapel:" They are my ancestors via my Mother ( Hale ) Are any other persons researching or related to this branch of the Hale Family?" [Malrose$]

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